Asia’s Core Conflict Began in 1868 Japan. @MichaelAuslin @HooverInst

Jan 18, 05:46 AM

(Photo: Samurai armor. Note that perhaps the best samurai armor in the US is in the impressive Metal Museum just south of Memphis, Tennessee.)

WSJ, 29 Dec 2017. Samurai rule was usurped by reformers torn between modernity and tradition; by Michael Auslin

Asian nations have long searched for a stable balance between modernity and tradition. Reform has battled reaction with each adoption of the tools of the West. China under Xi Jinping is using Western ideas, but within Chinese constraints, to help boost China against Western competition. . . .. .. ..

Asia’s Core Conflict Began in 1868 Japan. @MichaelAuslin @HooverInst Japan’s modern history: A very British affair – TheTLS