Star Trek: Discovery Episode 11 "The Wolf Inside" Recap and Review

Jan 18, 2018, 01:24 PM

Well, well, well...Some questions finally answered. And the Two Dads have kind of nailed their predictions this season so far. We are relieved that a lot of the over arching questions and twists finally are brought to light this episode. We are not really sure they could have dragged them out any longer.

The Two Dads are back with another deep drive recap and review of Star Trek: Discovery Episode 11 - "The Wolf Inside" and it is a doozy. Join us for an exploratory look at the events of this episode, theories on what it will mean in the future, and us bragging about getting our predictions correct.

We also have a Step Dad this week. Help us in welcoming Luke. Forgive his mic, Clay forgot to fully explain the nightmare that our recording software can sometimes be. We will have Luke back on for other episodes this season and we promise his mic will work better.