OTT Roundtable with QPR's David Scriven and StreamAMG's Matt McKiernan

Jan 19, 09:00 AM

Sponsored by StreamAMG.

Ahead of the #DSManchester event on 25th January, Digital Sports's Dan McLaren and Chris McMullan made the trip over to QPR's Loftus Road to speak to David Scriven and Matt McKiernan about our topic of the month, OTT.

In this roundtable we discuss how QPR have found life outside of the EFL deal, now midway through their season of international live streaming. What they've learned and what they see as opportunities going forward.

StreamAMG are QPR's partner in this live streaming deal and work with a number of other clubs and sports to enable them to maximise their opportunities. Answering what the technical aspects are to doing your own livestream and how you should be looking to start out, if you're thinking of doing so.

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