NASA manned space is unlikely. Bob Zimmerman

Jan 20, 2018, 01:00 AM


(Photo: File:Astronauts White and McDivitt Inside Gemini IV Spacecraft - GPN-2002-000031)

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NASA manned space is unlikely. Bob Zimmerman

 Last week NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) issued its 2017 report [pdf], detailing the areas it has concerns for human safety in all of NASA’s programs. Not surprisingly, the report raised big issues about SpaceX, suggesting its manned launch schedule was questionable and that there were great risks using the Falcon 9 rocket as presently designed.

ASAP was especially concerned with the issues with the Falcon 9 COPV helium tanks and how they were connected with the September 2016 launchpad explosion, as well as SpaceX’s approach to fueling the rocket. Below is a screen capture of the report’s pertinent section on this.