Dopey X Things We're Too Lazy To Blog About

Jan 22, 11:30 AM

Amanda is super into a podcast called Dopey, which is about “drugs, addiction and dumb shit,” so she invited the hosts, Dave and Chris to come on. This might be one of our funniest episodes so far. Dave and Chris talk about their podcast, podcasting in general, difficult celebrities, Jamie Lee Curtis, Artie Lange, pregnancy, Dave’s failed business plans, cookies, Adderall, Amanda’s dry(ish) January (the last time this will ever be discussed, hopefully), weed and so much more. If you season pass Intervention on your DVR—you will love Dopey. And even if you don’t, trust us, this is a great episode. Also, Amanda was on Dopey talking about Adderall. Listen if you want to hear all the dirty details. Get extra karma points by writing us a 5 Star iTunes/Apple Podcasts review. All you have to do is click the Ratings and Reviews tab. Then, Click Write A Review. Then actually write a review. A sentence or two is more than fine. It helps other people find the podcast. In the Podcasts App, search for the podcast even though you already subscribe, then click Ratings and Reviews. Click Write A Review. Write about how much you love being a Bloguette. It might not show up immediately, but just Ali going to an event, she’ll get there eventually.

Dopey addiction/id1077823917?mt=2

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