r/confession, fecal cleavers, and u/dogboobes discusses her failed track career

Jan 22, 2018, 11:32 PM

Sometimes, you just gotta get something off your chest. Maybe it's something that's been eating at your soul ever since you were a teen. Maybe it's so embarrassing and pathetic that you've been trying to keep it submerged in your deep self-conscious hoping that your brain would finally disregard it. Or maybe your family is literally the only household in the world with a poop knife. Whatever the case may be, r/confession is where you can let your demons out with limited (or at least self-contained) judgement. Only to realize that a podcast is reading your darkest, grossest (this one is real gross, btw), secrets out loud for their EXTREMELY EXPANSIVE audience (please rate and like). Plus, u/dogboobes reflects on one of the lowest moments of her otherwise illustrious athletic career. Lets get intimate, listeners. This episode brought to you by toilets, and TruePoopKnives.com.