China bullies a Marriott employee who was using social media & What is to be done? . @JoshRogin @GordonGChang @TheDailyBeast @ThadMcCotter.

Jan 23, 2018, 05:27 AM


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China bullies a Marriott employee who was using social media, & What is to be done? . @JoshRogin @GordonGChang @TheDailyBeast @ThadMcCotter.

How China forces American companies to do its political bidding

By Josh Rogin Global Opinions January 21 at 7:27 PM

As China’s economic might grows, Beijing is leveraging that power to coerce foreign companies to advance its political narrative and punish them when they step out of line. The Chinese Communist Party’s treatment this month of hotel giant Marriott after a minor website error takes the effort to a new and dangerous level.

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Josh Rogin, Washington Post; Gordon Chang, Daily Beast and Forbes,com; Thaddeus McCotter, WJR; in re: Josh Rogin’s article on a Marriott employee who “liked” a tweet about [liberty] in Tibet, and the force of the Chinese Communist Party landing on Marriott —demanding and receiving an abject apology — and on the hapless employee, whom the CCP demanded be fired (and he was). The Party bloodlessly utilizes economic power to insert intelligence/espionage, and major propagandistic, powers. Western nations are unaccustomed to this and have yet to develop modes of opposing these intrusive and quite dangerous encroachment on not only our various constitutional liberties but, looking a bit over the horizon, our physical security.