Terri Talks Marlena creation and debut and Raw25!

Jan 23, 2018, 06:17 PM

On our debut podcast, we talk about the DEBUT of Marlena, and everything that went into it.  Marlena debuted at the 1996 Royal Rumble in a match between Goldust and Razor Ramon, and also appeared the following night when Goldust faced Bret Hart.  Marlena's debut was 22 to years to the day of RAW25, and this debut podcast takes place on the 22 year anniversary of Marlena's Raw debut!  Hear all about those appearances, what went into it, the thought behind it, the other "diva's" reaction, VKM, and more! That's not all, as Terri touches on Dana Brooke, Bret Hart, dana Warrior, and more on this ALL WRESTLING episode of our debut episode of Cigars, Scars, & Superstars, with Terri Runnels and her Co-host Matt Koon.