Kicking it with the homie sheeeves

Jan 24, 2018, 05:39 AM

Good Evening Fam, On this episode of #sportsbizmusic I have the honor to sit down with the big homie Sheeeves an artist, creator, fashion designer and entrepreneur from Maimi, FL. We talked about her journey and love about the arts, business and one of her passions music and more!!!!! Check her Bio out and follow her! she is the next to blow!


I’m Sheeeves, I’m an expressionist based out of South Florida, skilled in areas such as Visual Art, Fashion Design, Music, Dance, Modeling, & Tattooing. The signature swirl symbol found in my art is inspired by fingerprints & Woodgrain. I love implementing my symbol in bulk to create movement. For 23 years I’ve flicked my wrist as an artist, but as of late I’ve been honing in on all of my talents to be equally balanced. 

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