The Rider: Spectrums Of Funk

Jan 26, 2018, 06:34 PM

Lizzi Doyle joins us and we love her and can be best described as overexcited. Loads of chat about spin because it appears to dominate lives these days. Spin is out of control. Disco Spin. Hip-Hop Spin. 90s Spin. Spin this. Spin that. Spin the other. 


The Rider has some terrific new songs lined up as well as spin. A few returning old friends and some new business all come together from Neil Atkinson, Adam Melia, Stephanie Heneghan and the aforementioned Lizzi. 

We also talk to Lizzi about the Mental Health Marathon she worked on and we ask what everyone is reading. 


Young Fathers - In My View 

Tracey Thorn - Queen 

Parliament feat. Scarface – I’m Gon’ Make You Sick of Me 

Sufjan Stevens - Tonya Harding 

Milky Chance - Cocoon 

Patawawa – Patagonia 

Jaded - Pancake (feat. Ashnikko) 

Public Access TV - Lost In The Game 

Salad Boys - Exaltation