Best TV Show Rankings, Top Binge Shows and All Time Opening Credits

Jan 26, 2018, 07:18 PM

In a Friday hang, Pat Mayo and Dalton Del Don discuss Dalton’s rankings of his Top TV shows of 2017, their favorite shows currently on TV, all time opening credits, and the best old shows to go binge watch. 


2:26 Off the List/Reality TV

8:27 Top Opening Credits

9:48 Old Shows To Binge

13:54 Cartoons

19:33 Honorable Mentions

21:22 No. 11-30

24:02 Black Mirror

29:34 Game of Thrones

35:30 Mindhunter

37:46 Top 10

49:30 Leftovers/Better Call Saul

55:40 Twin Peaks

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