Episode 153 - Jim Cuddy (The HiFi's, Blue Rodeo)

Jan 29, 2018, 05:00 AM

This week on Turned Out A Punk, one of the greatest Canadian songwriters of all-time (He’s in the Hall Of Fame for it): Jim Cuddy!! Jim has a fantastic new album called Constellation (In stores now!), but for the purposes of our show we take Jim back to his early days as a power popper in the HiFi’s to see how punk helped & hindered his journey to Blue Rodeo, ultimately changing Canadian music forever…. and of course the DOA, The BFG’s & Canadian bands in Alphabet City. THIS IS A MONSTER OF AN EPISODE!!!! 

Also Touched On:

Diodes and Demics were THE bands

Forming the HiFi’s


Randy (not Rampage) and DOA

Power Pop

Elvis Costello

The appeal of punk

Punk grows up

Steve Koch

Hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time

Why was there no first wave punk from Kingston?

Chris Speeding

“You guys wanna rumble, you know, for like money?”

Cabana Room


Meeting bitterness from the music scene upon success but not from the musicians

The passing of Handsome Ned and how it changed Toronto

The arrival go heroine

“The elegant junkie” myth

No interest in being “An Event Band”

Ready Records courting Blue Peter

Picking Colin Newman

Getting on the radio

Dave Booth a Rockabilly manager with a great ear

The Spoons and Ceramic Hello

No fitting in with Synth and getting out of town

Post HiFi recording

The 70’s were competitive in music

Going to New York

Anyone can get a gig in CBGBs

Cowboy Junkies living in Alphabet City

Getting “Charlie Brown’d” the the record biz

The * Wives: the most controversial band in the city

The difference between Vancouver and Toronto’s scene

Chris Huston: the link