Neutron star merger poses new puzzles - SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 21 Episode 08

Jan 31, 07:50 AM

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*Neutron star merger poses new puzzles

Astronomers are puzzled by the continued brightening of the afterglow generated by the merger of two neutron stars detected last August.

*The hunt continues for mysterious Fast Radio Bursts

Mystery still surrounds the origins of fast radio bursts – strange, rare, extremely powerful, -- yet incredibly short, millisecond bursts of energy from billions of light years away.

*Total lunar blue super moon eclipse provides a jargon trifecta

Depending on where on Earth you are -- January 31st will be a busy date for sky watchers with a total lunar blue super moon eclipse jargon trifecta for your listening and dancing pleasure

*The Science Report

A new study warns that billions of pieces of plastic waste are choking coral reefs and making them sick.

A genetic study of the Irish uncovers a history of invasion by the British, the Normans and the Vikings.

Warnings that diabetes and blood sugar problems can accelerate the brain’s decline.

The first cloned monkeys made using the somatic cell nuclear transfer.

Skeptics guide to cell phone radiation

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