You Can Help Make This REAL Hero's Dream Come True With One Retweet

Jan 31, 12:24 PM

Remember in 2015, when news broke of three Americans who thwarted a terrorist attack on the Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris? We had those three heroes, Airman First Class Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, and Specialist Alek Skarlatos in studio to talk about their new movie – where they’re playing themselves – that documents the entire day.

Kristin asked the guys what celeb they'd like to take to the premiere - and Spencer, who was first to tackle the terrorist, said Olivia Munn...and we want to make it happen.

Will you RT Kristin's Tweet ( so we can get Olivia's attention and make this happen?!

The Clint Eastwood directed “15:17 to Paris” hits theaters February 9, 2018.