TNW 17: Fire Extinguisher Included

Feb 02, 2018, 01:34 AM

1:52 Kurt Wagner from ReCode explains what Facebook's earnings mean in light of the recent changes to the News Feed. Can users and investors both be happy?13:01 Katyanna Quatch from The Register explains how some users on Reddit are using a tool called FakeApp to photoshop famous people into porn videos.20:30 Michael Vladimir from Orange IoT Studio in San Francisco explains how Internet of Things devices have to solve real problems in order to be successful.41:24 Gabriel Weinberg from DuckDuckGo talks about the iOS and Android app and their new extension for Chrome from the popular privacy browser. Also, how you too can break free from Facebook and Google, even if you think you can't.1:00:35 Elon Musk's Boring flamethrower is sold out, but if you bought one he will also send you a free fire extinguisher. Host: Megan Morrone

Guests: Kurt Wagner, Katyanna Quach, Michael Vladimer, and Gabriel Weinberg

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