PG135: GOP vs FBI, State of the Union, Immigration, Infrastructure

Feb 03, 05:15 PM

This week's show opens with Mike and Jay's discussion of the 'Nunes Memo', in which the GOP majority of the House Intelligence Committee suggests that the FBI obtained a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page using highly questionable evidence. Jay believes that it's important for this information to come out, while Mike argues that the GOP was wrong to release what he believes to be partial and misleading information.

Next is a look at President Trump's State of the Union address. Both Mike and Jay agree that the SOTU is painful and largely pointless political theater - after explaining why they move on to discuss the two major substantive policy proposals in the speech: a four-point immigration plan and an outline of an upcoming $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal.

What Jay's Reading: Polarization is an Old American Story. (Wall Street Journal - paywall)  

What Mike's Reading: TV Gave Us the Modern State of the Union. Then It Killed It. (Politico) 

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