Episode One - Old Time UFOs: Take Those Old Disks Off the Shelf...

Feb 05, 2018, 11:02 PM

On this episode of the Our Strange Skies podcast, we go into the past to find some early UFO sightings, pre-Roswell era stuff. We touch on Ezekiel's Biblical UFOs, the woodcut depiction of celestial phenomena over Nuremberg, Germany, and Basel, Switzerland. Then we dive into some of America's early sightings, including a potential failed alien abduction and one of America's first cattle mutilations. All this and more!

Stray Thoughts

  • I will never read this many accounts from other sources ever again. My tongue is tied!


A Review of Frank Edwards, Stranger Than Science

Gaia Article About von Daniken's Beliefs in Ezekiel's UFO

An Opposing View to von Daniken

Battle Over Nuremberg

Great Article by Micah Hanks About America's Early UFO Sightings

Brief Overview of the Allagash Abductions

Analysis of Thomas Jefferson's UFO

John Martin 1878 Sighting

Another Great Micah Hanks Article About the Airship Craze

Pints and Puzzle's Episode About the Aurora, Texas Crash

Not Alone's Patreon - Seriously, Kick Them $5 for That Bonus Content

H G Shaw's Failed Alien Abduction

John Callahan's Search to Find the Truth of Shaw's Failed Abduction

Chuck Zukowski's Analysis of the Alexander Hamilton Cattle Mutilation

Cape Girardeau Crash

Mysterious Universe Article About the Cape Girardeau Crash

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