Tesla’s Supercharger Stations And Why Alexa Didn’t Light Up During Super Bowl

Feb 06, 2018, 03:01 PM

The US Justice Department is charging two individuals for their involvement in a highly organized ATM jackpotting scheme for being in possession of over $9,000 cash and devices using for hacking. On the way to Vegas, Tesla has constructed another massive Supercharge power station for its consumers and they continue to build a network of electrical infrastructure. If you are curious why your Amazon Echo or Echo Not did not trigger during the Super Bowl ad it’s because Amazon uses digital fingerprinting and audible command filtering technology to fix the potential interruption. During the Super Bowl, social media ruined a lot of the buzz, enjoyment, and entertainment. We share our thoughts on the state of social media and the negatives consequences of the platform. And finally, a Russian spam kingpin is being held in Federal court after Apple assisted agents with information from the hackers iCloud account.