Abortion, Trump's Racism, Podcasts We Like, How Mike Became a Liberal

Feb 07, 12:00 PM

Mike and Jay start the show by addressing listener comments, starting with a criticism of their recent discussion of reproductive rights, which several listeners said was sorely lacking in nuance. They also get into the extent to which they follow world politics, President Trump's racism, and podcasts they recommend (well, podcasts Mike recommends - Jay's pretty much a one podcast guy). After that is Mike's recent interview with conservative radio and podcast host Todd Feinberg, in which Mike explains how he went from a far right, Republican-voting, Heritage Foundation intern to the centrist liberal he is today.

Show Links:
- The Weeds
- The Ezra Klein Show
- Left, Right, and Center
- Pantsuit Politics
- NPR's Politics Podcast
- Todd Feinberg on WTIC NewsTalk 1080
- Harvard Lunch Club podcast
- Mike Rowe's Life Advice
- 538's Gerrymandering Project
- Scott Adams on cognitive bias and Trump (WSJ - paywall)

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