r/unpopularopinions, dogboobes fails to have a blood moon baby, and itsyerdad has a cryptic past.

Feb 07, 2018, 05:46 PM

Hey guys, we're a few days late posting this pod because I (itsyerdad) is Montreal for the week, which is totally lame because Canada is a super rude and disorganized country. PSYCH, Canada rules. But that's a great example of the kind of thing you'd find on r/unpopularopinions. It's not a place designed exclusively for contrarian thoughts, but is a perfect sub for you to let those insecure thoughts flow that fly in the face of the majority rule. On this week's pod, we discuss a few of said contentious perspectives. Plus dogboobes turns 30, itsyerdad discusses his cryptic familial past, and apparently dogboobes and myfreeday don't think music is that cool because they're psychopath freaks. This episode brought to you by Hamburger Shlemmer but not TrueSwords because we're fighting.