Beware Chinese authorities wearing sunglasses. Larry Diamond @HooverInst @GordonGChang @TheDailyBeast

Feb 08, 04:43 AM


(Photo:File:CBP Officers in Tampa Seize 860 Counterfeit Ray-Ban Sunglasses (20102374039) )

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Beware Chinese authorities wearing sunglasses. Larry Diamond @HooverInst @GordonGChang @TheDailyBeast

China’s evolving algorithmic surveillance system will rely on the security organs of the communist party-state to filter, collect, and analyze staggering volumes of data flowing across the internet. Justifying controls in the name of national security and social stability, China originally planned to develop what it called a “Golden Shield” surveillance system allowing easy access to local, national, and regional records on each citizen. This ambitious project has so far been mostly confined to a content-filtering Great Firewall, which prohibits foreign internet sites including Google, Facebook, and The New York Times. According to Freedom House, China’s level of internet freedom is already the worst on the planet. Now, the Communist Party of China is finally building the extensive, multilevel data-gathering system it has dreamed of for decades.