Bees Go Bananas In Dundalk, Ireland. Brentford B-team Special and pre-Preston podcast

Feb 09, 2018, 06:50 AM

This week’s Pride of West London Podcast comes from the pubs & terraces of Dundalk as the Beesotted crew flew over to Ireland to check out the Brentford B-team’s match against one of the top teams in the League Of Ireland - Dundalk.

Starting off in Dublin before heading North, the Beesotted crew give a real insight into Irish football and find out how the B-team is coming on with interviews with B-Team Head coach Kev O’Connor, Brentford players Reece Cole, Zain Westbrook, Bradley Clayton and Dundalk player Sean Gannon as well as a plethora of Dundalk fans.

On the trip

Billy Grant

Dave Lane

Puns Jindle

Jimmy Mac (for a bit)

0 m - Intro in Bruxells Bar in Dublin. The Beesotted alternative tourist guide to Dundalk plus we chat about Beesotted's appearance on the Totally Football League Show this week

14 m 10 sec - Chat to fans after the Derby game in the pub and on the train

18 m 32 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Derby football match in Kennedy’s Dundalk

33m 49 sec - Intweriew with Dundalk fans before the match. Who are Dundalk? What are their aims for this season? Which European matches have the fans we're talking to been on? How many fans travel? Biggest rivals? Who should we be watching out for? What can we expect from today's match?

51 m 14 sec - Fan interviews from the bar inside Dundalk’s Oriel Park at Half Time 

56 m 25 sec - Interviews and discussion during the second half on the terraces including live scenes in and around the second Dundalk goal. Which players impressed

1 hr 06 min 45 sec - End of match summary and fan interviews

1 hr 08 min 55 sec - Interview with Brentford B-Team Head Coach Kev O’Connor

1 hr 11 min 53 sec - Interview with Brentford midfielder Reece Cole

1 hr 12 min 54 sec - Interview wih Dundalk defender Sean Gannon

1 hr 13 min 52 sec - Interview with Brentford midfielder Zain Westbrook

1 hr 24 min 27 sec - Interview with Brentford goalscorer - forward Bradley Clayton

1 hr 16 min 14 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Lasse Vibe’s transfer to Chinese Superleague team Changchun Yatai

1 hr 18 min 0 sec - Billy Grant chats to Bill from Profound Valley about PNE’s Dundalk signees Daryl Horgan and Andy Boyle, Preston’s season so far and how he thinks the match will go at the weekend

1 hr 24 min 18 sec - Beesotted crew and Dundalk posse final discussion before the lock-in

1 hr 33 min 17 sec - END