Fantasy Baseball Rankings and ADP: Top 50 Overall Rankings, Sleepers and Strategy

Feb 10, 2018, 01:00 PM

Video Version:

Pat Mayo and Garion Thorne so over Garion’s Top 50 2018 Fantasy Baseball rankings from No. 1 to No. 50. The guys chat about the different player tiers, depth at each position, draft strategy, and which players are currently over and under valued at their current average draft position.


4:05 Alex Bregman

7:45 Jose Abreu

8:47 Edwin Encarnacion/Nelson Cruz

11:12 Top 10 Rankings

11:25 Sale/Scherzer/Kershaw

13:34 Stupid Injuries in MLB history

15:20 Advanced Stat Explanations & Usefulness

21:32 Jose Altuve & SB Needs

24:44 Paul Goldschmidt

25:30 Mookie Betts

29:38 Trea Turner

32:11 Charlie Blackmon/Nolan Arenado

35:40 Jose Ramirez/Francisco Lindor

37:50 Second SP Tier/Justin Verlander

40:35 Giancarlo Stanton

43:30 Judge/Springer

46:19 Gary Sanchez

50:20 Dee Gordon

53:55 Freddie Freeman

56:40 Brian Dozier

59:25 Shohei Ohtani

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