Curiosity and Oppy roving: wind or water erosion? Bob Zimmerman

Feb 10, 2018, 02:17 AM



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Curiosity and Oppy roving: wind or water erosion? Bob Zimmerman

Mars rover update: February 8, 2018

February 8, 2018 at 2:01 pm Robert Zimmerman

Summary: Curiosity remains on Vera Rubin Ridge, though it has begun moving toward the point where it will move down off the ridge. Opportunity remains in Perseverance Valley, though it has finally taken the north fork down.

Before providing today’s update, I have decided it is time to provide links to all previous updates, in chronological order. This will allow my new readers to catch up and have a better understanding of where each rover is, where each is heading, and what fascinating things they have seen in the past year and a half.

These updates began when I decided to figure out the overall context of Curiosity’s travels, which resulted in my March 2016 post, Pinpointing Curiosity’s location in Gale Crater. Then, when Curiosity started to travel through the fascinating and rough Murray Buttes terrain in the summer of 2016, I stated to post regular updates. To understand the press releases from NASA on the rover’s discoveries it is really necessary to understand the larger picture, which is what these updates provide. Soon, I added Opportunity to the updates, with the larger context of its recent travels along the rim of Endeavour Crater explained in my May 15, 2017 rover update.

Curiosity update: July 7, 2016: Balanced rock on Mars

Curiosity update: July 24, 2016: Curiosity’s way forward

Curiosity update: July 28, 2016: Heading directly for Balanced Rock

Curiosity update: August 11, 2016: Curiosity prepares to move on

Curiosity update: August 16, 2016: Balanced Rock at last

Curiosity update: August 22, 2016: Beyond Murray Buttes

Curiosity update: August 28, 2016: The alien buttes of Mars

Mars rover update: September 6, 2016. The first update including Opportunity.

Mars rover update: September 13, 2016. The first official update.

Mars rover update: September 20, 2016

Mars rover update: Sept 27, 2016

Mars rover update: October 6, 2016

Mars rover update: November 3, 2016

Mars rover update: November 14, 2016

Mars rover update: December 22, 2016

Mars rover update: January 18, 2017

Mars rover update: February 14, 2017

Mars rover update: April 21, 2017

Mars rover update: May 15, 2017

Mars rover update: June 23, 2017

Mars rover update: July 12, 2017

Mars rover update: August 11, 2017

Mars rover update: September 6, 2017

Mars rover update: November 16, 2017

Mars rover update: December 18, 2017

Mars rover update: January 16, 2018

Now to talk about the most recent news from both rovers!