PG136: Trump Rejects Dem Memo, Budget Agreement, Gerrymandering (also - Mike 'Sings'!)

Feb 10, 04:43 PM

This week's show opens with Mike and Jay discussing President Trump's decision to not allow the release of the Democratic response to the memo released last week by House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes. While the FBI and Department of Justice voiced concerns with releasing the Democrats' response, Mike points out that they also raised concerns about the Republican memo, which the President allowed to be released. Even so, Mike is withholding judgement because the White House claims it will work with the Intelligence Committee to come up with a version of the Democratic memo that can be released. Jay agrees with Mike that the Trump administration's handling of this whole thing has been somewhat less than supremely competent.

Next is a look at the bipartisan (yes, that's right bipartisan) budget agreement reached by Congress. While some on the left were disappointed that protection for Dreamers wasn't part of the deal, and some on the right were angered by what they see as reckless spending, there were more than enough votes to send the measure to President Trump's desk. Mike and Jay discuss the winners, losers, and policy implications of the agreement. (Earlier in the week, Mike promised to compose and sing a song titled 'Donald Trump is Great' if there was a budget before they aired the show. While he was technically right about there not being a budget - the measure President Trump signed was a continuing resolution, with the actual budget coming in March - Mike decided that he didn't want to skate by on a technicality. If you want to hear him 'sing' his Donald Trump 'song', be sure to listen past the closing credits.)

After that it's gerrymandering - a proposed redistricting plan in Ohio that has both Jay and Mike proud to be Buckeyes as well as a challenge to a Pennsylvania redistricting plan that the Supreme Court decided not to take up.

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