Letting Go Of The Expectations On Motivation

Jan 30, 2018, 09:54 AM

This episode is a start of a little series called ‘letting go’. To start this series off Zenny discusses how it’s necessary to let go of the expectations we have on motivation.

Motivation is great! It has it’s purpose and it’s time for when it’s appropriate, but at the end of the day feeling motivated is just that – a feeling. So, we can’t expect that we will feel motivated all day every day! We end up putting so much pressure on feeling motivated that we end up putting too many expectations on motivation.

Rather than expecting to feel motivated every day, Zenny talks about the two words that are more powerful in keeping you encouraged on your journey – DEDICATION and PERSISTENCE.

We end up giving motivation the power over whether we do something or not and in truth – what we do is the ONLY thing we can truly control. So stop waiting for that knight in shining armour (in this case motivation) and go get your mojo back to live the most incredible life ever! Listen to this podcast to find out how.