New galaxy survey measuring the expanding universe - SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 21 Episode 12

Feb 14, 07:00 AM

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SpaceTime 20180214 Series 21 Episode 12

*New galaxy survey measuring the expanding universe

Astronomers are undertaking the most detailed survey ever attempting to measure the current expansion rate of the universe. The study – known as the Taipan galaxy survey – will help scientists better determine the age and ultimate fate of the cosmos based on current and past expansion rates and those predicted for the future.

*Falcon Heavy blasts into history on a car trek beyond Mars

SpaceX has opened a new chapter in commercial deep space travel with the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket on its maiden flight.

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*One of the Milky Way’s first stars discovered

Astronomers have found one of the most primitive stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

*Earth survives two near misses

Planet Earth has just survived two near misses by near Earth asteroids. The two space rocks were discovered just a week before their close encounters with our planet.

*The Science Report

Why living or working near noisy roads may be harming your heart.

A new study warns that E-cigarettes cause DNA-damage in the heart, lungs, and bladder.

Meanwhile a separate study has found that E-cigarette flavors are toxic to white blood cells.

New DNA study of Blue whales in Australian waters.

Having a partner or close friend who thinks like you do isn’t a coincidence.

Alex on tech looks at next year’s introduction of the 5G telecommunications network.

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