Benjamin Netanyahu Corruption Accusations, Nissim Black and David & Beryl Davis

Feb 15, 2018, 05:22 PM
  • Senior Analyst for The Times of Israel Haviv Gur on the accusations of corruption aimed at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • We hear the fascinating story of Nassim Black, the self-titled gangster rapper turned Orthodox Jew, he tells us about his path to conversion.

  • David Davis on how he and his wife Beryl went through what no parent should have to go through, we find out why more than 50 years on they are reliving their heartbreaking story.

  • On the Schmooze we discuss why we put so much emphasis on Jewish children and ask if we put too much pressure on the next generation?

  • Our Rabbinic Thought for the Week comes from Rabbi Amanda Golby of New North London Masorti Synagogue.