Spear Chucking and Spelunking

Feb 18, 2018, 06:00 PM

We pick up the story after David had been anointed and defeated Goliath. His victory boosted him to fame. It appears he is becoming more popular than Saul, which stokes Saul's outrageous jealousy. (Even Saul's son, Jonathan, seems to like David better than Saul.)

1 Samuel 18:1-11

What is David so successful? Why does Saul feel so threatened by David? Is it strange that Jonathan doesn't feel threatened? Instead, Jonathan admires David, and that frustrates Saul.

1 Samuel 20:30-24

This is awkward.

How would you characterize Saul? What do you see as his biggest problem?

Jonathan warns David that his father will kill him. He tells David to go into hiding, so David leaves by himself. Remember, Saul had made David a pretty high officer in the army. David was well-known . Now, though, he’s on the run from the king, and he needs food and a weapon. 

1 Samuel 21:1-9

Why does David lie to the priest?  Is David justified in telling this lie? If David had told the truth, do you think Ahimelech would have helped him anyway? 

We can "justify" any sin we commit...but it is still a sin. Knowing that he was God's anointed, David should have relied on God more to protect him. Instead, he lied.

1 Samuel 22:11-19

Remember, in the last episode, how Samuel was worried that Saul would find out he was going to anoint a new king…he was afraid Saul would kill him? Apparently, he had good reason . Is David guilty for these deaths? 

David could not have know how far-reaching the consequences of his "little lie" would be. How you ever experienced something like this?

So, Saul begins to pursue David all over the countryside. Some men are loyal to David, but Saul still commands the army. 

1 Samuel 24

Would David have been justified in killing Saul? Why didn’t he? Do you believe Saul’s repenting is sincere? How can you tell if somebody is sincere?