PG137: South Florida Shooting and the FBI, Mueller’s Indictment, Senate Immigration Fails, Mitt Romney for Senate, and No Solo-Press Conferences for President Trump

Feb 17, 04:42 PM

This week’s show opens with Trey introducing a new voice for the left: Ken Katkin, , a professor of law at Northern Kentucky University, who's stepping in to give Mike the week off (and to give listeners the week off from Mike ). The two then move into the tragedy in South Florida this week. The two open by talking about the FBI’s potential shortcomings as noted by Governor Rick Scott. They then move, briefly, to discuss the role of gun legislation. The topic is particularly difficult for Trey who lives and works in Central Florida.

Next Trey brings up the Mueller’s indictment against 13 Russians. Both Trey and Ken agree a central finding is a lack of citizen awareness of information discernment. It also appears to support the claims of the Trump team that more than being pro-Trump, to this point they were anti-Hillary in all their forms. However, it is clear that more is coming from Mueller on the American side.

After that Trey and Ken discuss Romney for Senate, and how wrongfully both the left and the right wrongly dismissed him as a cold warrior for focusing on Russia. Romney is a fascinating test case for how Republicans will run campaigns in the post-Trump era.

Finally Ken and Trey discuss an issue near and dear to Trey’s heart: presidential communication. It has been over a year since Trump’s last solo-press conference. It is evidence in favor of a hypothesis that Trey made in academic circles in 2011: presidents will use unmediated social media channels over mediated channels of information.