Children of the Soil

Feb 18, 2018, 12:54 PM

As we wind up Season 1, we are in conversation with Anjali and Kabir from Yarroway Farms talking about how farming brought them together, life on a farm, being passionate about growing food and living a sustainable life. 

A breakout of the various topics discussed is given below for quick reference -

03:06 to 06:42 - Turning back the Clock - Kabir - Upbringing of being Home schooled and self learning on the Farm - Accounts/Mechanics/Milking Cows/Hunt;

06:43 to 11:32 - Turning back the Clock - Anjali - Not making statement, being successful, looking for purpose and a reason for coming back to India;

11:42 to 17:11 - The organic farming light bulb moment, Bio Dynamic farming, importance of Local Food and diving into farming in Hyderabad for 3 years;

17:11 to 18:36 - Training bio-dynamic coffee farmers in Araku, the story of Kabir and Anjali;

18:37 to 23:14 - Raison d'etre - Dynamics of life on a farm;

23:15 to 26:21 - Differences between Organic and Biodynamic Farmers -and the biodynamic thought process Sustainability;

26:21 to 30:06 - Thoughts on "Exploitation";

30:06 to 34:32 - Success as we define it vs others, doing what makes sense;

34:32 to 40:34 - Conscious Sustainablity and initiation of change;

40:34 to 45:32 - Perceptions on being a farmer and living in a rural set up;

45:32 to 51:40 - Closing thoughts;

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Season 2 will be out in a few months, stay tuned!