Episode 26: A Heart-to- Heart with Pashmina.

Feb 23, 10:31 PM

Pashmina Pash shares her unusual journey to becoming a writer and published author. After the birth of her daughter at just 26 weeks, Pashmina used journaling as a way to cope with the struggles she faced spending many hours alone coping with a premature baby. By adopting a gratitude mindset and a fierce determination, she became “addicted to making the child whole” and was in denial about the uncertain future that doctors said her premature daughter might face. Pashmina was on bed rest and used the power of writing to heal herself. She had always dreamed of writing a book from a very young age.

As a Sindhi woman married to a Brazilian man, Pashmina faced many challenges including gaining acceptance from her family and the fears surrounding raising bi-racial children. Pashmina discusses her experience raising strong beautiful girls, teaching children theatre and eventually writing and publishing her own books. 

She is passionate, inspirational, open and willing to explore all aspects of her life with candour. Pashmina has two books published and a third on the way and she mentors young writers in her online platform the Online Author’s Office. 

Check out Pashmina’s books: ”The Cappuccino Chronicles” and ‘Mocha Madness.” 

Website: thecappuccinochronicles.com 

Facebook : facebook.com/writer.Pashmina 

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