Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated Executive Editor & 60 Minutes Reporter

Feb 26, 2018, 07:23 PM

Jon Wertheim (@Jon_Wertheim), Sports Illustrated Executive Editor and 60 Minutes Reporter joins Brian Berger on Sports Business Radio to discuss his latest investigative piece for Sports Illustrated -"Inside the Corrosive Workplace Culture of the Dallas Mavericks". The story follows Wertheim's piece on Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson's inappropriate behavior in the workplace that led to Richardson putting his NFL team up for sale. Berger and Wertheim discuss the "locker room culture" that exists in sports team front offices, how the NBA may punish the Mavericks and why teams don't spend more time vetting their CEO's while forensically investigating their next draft pick. Berger and Wertheim also discuss the FBI's investigation into college basketball and the fallout that may occur from those findings.