r/rule34, the weirdest and most disturbing of the Internet's rules, half-mast McDonald's flags, and giving u/itsyerdad's mom a gun would be a bad idea

Feb 27, 2018, 04:59 PM

Hey guys, it's episode 69 (r/im14andthisisfunny), which means it's time for us to finally explore a topic from Reddit's wonderful web of NSFW subs. So, this week, we voluntarily destroy our childhoods while simultaneously testing our sexual proclivities for anthropomorphic inanimate objects, with r/Rule34. What's Rule 34? Great question. Probably the most famous of Reddit's semi-formal rules of the Internet, Rule34 states that if it exists, there's a porn of it. As we've come to realize, this largely focuses on cartoons that may have triggered teenage boys' sexual awakenings, but like anything on the Internet, the deeper you get, the weirder things (and when we say things, we mean butts) you see. Plus, somehow we talk at depth about Parkland in a pod about hentai, and we dig into the lesser know rules of the Internet accompanying Rule 34. So open up your private browser sweet boys and girls, and ruin your childhood with us. This episode brought to you by Bud K Get the Edge.