Ramblin On #39: Handicap Seating, Netflix SciFi Problems, and Oscar Predictions

Mar 02, 03:48 AM

Delayed an extra day but back and better, Kristen and I are here to regal you with stories of emergency room visits, battling for better handicap seating, Annhilation, how awful Mute is, the Oscars and more! Enjoy!


Our Raggedy Lives
Armie hammer being petty: https://twitter.com/AmyKinLA/status/968559912870592513
Hemsworth in men in black? 7 out of last 10 non marvel movies have been sequels
Kristen wig in wonder woman 2?
Brad and Leo in Quentin movie
Infinity war is coming out a week early

Movie Reviews
Game Night - fun!
Annihilation - eh.
Mute - awful
People complaining about Netflix - http://www.indiewire.com/2018/02/annihilation-netflix-paramount-deal-streaming-1201932550/


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