Joe Hills, Strategic Partnerships Director for Infinite Esports Entertainment & Host of the Esports Roundtable Podcast

Mar 02, 2018, 09:07 AM

This month we’re taking a look into the much hyped world of esports. Something you’ve been able to hear much about over the last couple of years at conferences but this year feels like there is much more organisation and momentum behind what’s going on.

To kick off our esports insights on the podcast I was delighted to welcome Joe Hills. Joe is host of the Esports Roundtable Podcast, one of the original esports recruitment pioneers and future Strategic Partnerships Director for Infinite Esports Entertainment, an esports holding company backed by the Texas Rangers.

We talk about how he first got into esports, and saw an opportunity to create a career within the industry. Plus the difference between 'traditional' esports and Sim Sports, something we're seeing a gap form between.

You can listen to Joe's podcast on