Andrew James Johnson and Deborah Henry-Pollard

Mar 02, 02:36 PM

Recorded at Barbican, Jon Jacob is joined by pianist and composer Andrew James Johnson, and author, coach and art lover Debs Henry-Pollard for a conversation spanning piano lessons, Wagner and the CBSO.

Andy's new album Winter's Heart is out now and available via Spotify.

Show Notes
Breakfast: bacon and spinach
Andy’s CBSO work experience
Orchestral manager job interview
Marin Alsop’s womens conductors masterclass
Audience members with conductors scores
How does the music make you feel?
Andy’s piano teacher
The Tristan chord
Budapest Opera Festival
Comprehensive vs. Grammar School
Andy’s new album: The Winter’s Heart
Which composer would you want to have met?
What one disc would you fight to keep?
Cultural Recommendation: V&A Ocean Liner’s Exhibition
Cultural Recommendation: Bluthner Piano Day, 29 March 2018
Andy’s first piano