#41 - TCR Live (feat Ty Dolla $ign)

Mar 05, 07:00 PM

This was so much fun! We allowed a few TCR super fans to be part of this weeks podcast taping. We're definitely going to do this again and if you want to attend, send an email to the address below and RSVP! 

A listener reached out and asked up to talk less about penis, so, we obviously talked about it more! Milli leaves in the middle of the taping, Matt's sipping a tall can and Deonne calls one of our fans a "D!#K SUCKER!" Plus, friend of the show, Ty Dolla $ign stops by to talk about his new tour, schools arming teachers and more!

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For TCR LIVE podcast RSVP: Tino@TinoCochinoRadio.com

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