Part 2: #OscarsNotSoBrown: Filmmaking while Brown with Linda Yvette Chávez & Marvin Lemus

Mar 05, 2018, 06:30 PM

As we collectively process the impact of last night's #Oscars, we’re left pondering what progressed and what stayed the same when it comes to POC & Latinx representation on screen? We are happy to count the awards that went to Guillermo del Toro, Coco, and Jordan Peele as wins, but what about the fact that only 2.7% of film roles go to Latinxs? ( Lets get INTO IT with two Latinx filmmakers working to change this dire statistic. This episode is part two of our interview with Linda Yvette Chávez and Marvin Lemus, the creators of the bilingual digital series GENTE-FIED (2017 Sundance Film Festival Selection, executive produced by America Ferrera & MACRO Ventures). If you haven’t yet, stop what you’re doing and immediately play part one of where we meet these award-winning writers, directors, and producers, who are passionate about telling nuanced #latinx stories and multi-dimensional, characters. On this episode, we talk about #intersectionality and dive further into race, ethnicity & gender in the film industry, and explore why #RepresentationMatters. We’re way over the lip service to #diversity and are here for some equity and inclusion! And yes, we cosign #FrancesMcDormand ’s suggestion of the #InclusionRider. Additionally, a group of Latinx industry professionals led by National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), gathered Saturday 3/3, to demand greater roles for #Latinxs both behind the scenes here:

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