Episode #357: Potions

Mar 05, 06:36 PM
  • Slug Club member Greg joins the show all the way from Singapore

  • A new Hogwarts Mystery trailer has been released

  • Cursed Child announces their Friday Forty program

  • We reveal our plans for the 777 Challenge! Learn more and see the mug design at MuggleCast.com

  • Main Discussion: Potions in the Wizarding World

  • We react to JKR stating that muggles can't properly brew potions

  • From Ageing Potions to the Elixir of Life to Mandrake Draught we run down the list of different types of potions 

  • Would the hosts be good at making them? Are we patient enough? Careful with instructions?

  • Which potion does each host wish they could have in real life?

  • Is there a time we wish we could have used Veritaserum? Felix Felicis?

  • Over/under: How many times will Polyjuice Potion be used in Fantastic Beasts?

  • The hosts create their own potions (assuming we're wizards of course)

  • Patreon Question of the Week: If you could take Polyjuice Potion for an hour, who would you turn into and why?

  • Voicemails cover Cedric Diggory, Mrs. Black, and feedback on our Fudge episode

  • Quizzitch: Name the members of The Advance Guard that come to Privet Drive to pick up Harry in Order of the Phoenix 

  • Bonus MuggleCast: We explore the theory that the Dursleys' feelings towards Harry were magnified by the presence of a horcrux!