We talked Bills, Patriots, San Diego State, Steelers, Saints, 49ers, The Catch, the launch of ESPN2 & The Golf Channel with Christine Lisi, Tony Collins, Will Blackwell, Keith Hirshland & Toi Cook

Mar 09, 2018, 04:20 PM

On this edition of Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: ESPN Radio Host Christine Lisi, former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, former Steelers WR Will Blackwell, Emmy Award winning TV Producer and Author Keith Hirshland and former Saints, 49ers, & Panthers DB Toi Cook.

Christine Lisi shared her thoughts on what the Bills need to do over the off season to build off of their first playoff appearance in 17 years. She talked about their need to end the Tyrod Taylor experiment and go in another direction either through free agency or the draft. She also shared her thoughts on the Buffalo Sabres and not having the NHL players participate in this year’s Winter Olympics.

This week we asked former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins about what it’s like when your playing career comes to an abrupt end. What is that adjustment like because not only do you lose the game, but you also lose being one of the guys in the locker room. 

Will Blackwell shared [...]