r/fragsplits with u/Alryjul, the glorious revival of Drakkar Noir, and Magnificent Excretions

Mar 12, 2018, 11:27 PM

Now that u/itsyerdad is over his chest cold, we finally get to do the episode we've been teasing for the better half of the month, r/fragsplits. Somewhat like the Reddit Secret Santa, r/fragsplits turns the digital world of Reddit physical by creating a community where different users buy super expensive niche perfumes, then send tiny 10ml to 25ml bottles to "splitees" eager to try these exotic niche perfumes at a much more reasonable quantity and price. As anyone who regularly listens to this pod can rightfully assume, we're not exactly the most sophisticated trio when it comes to the more high brow facets of society. So, not only did our guest u/Alryjul take it upon himself to explain how to the sub worked, but the niche fragrance community in general. Plus, we spend more time talking about Drakkar Noir than anyone has in the last decade and a half, we revisit 2018's best kept secret, Iceberg and Ranch Cake Pops, and we briefly discuss Reddit's recent announcements regarding Russian meddlin'. This episode brough to you by 23 by Michael Jordan, for men.