DFS Fantasy Baseball: MLB DraftKings Strategy and Tips - Cash Games and GPPs

Mar 17, 2018, 11:00 AM

Pat Mayo and Daily Roto’s Mike Leone walk you through the best strategies for DraftKings MLB Cash Games and Tournaments.

Show Index

1:24 Cash Game Strategy

1:53 Selecting Cash Game Pitchers

7:04 Selecting Cash Game Hitters

10:45 Using Vegas Totals

17:19 Cash Game Lineup Construction 

18:50 Choosing the Right Cash Games

23:39 Does Ownership Matter in Cash Games?

24:50 Tournament (GPP) Strategy

26:46 Gauging GPP Ownership

28:21 Small vs Large Field GPPs

29:30 GPP Lineup Construction

31:48 Park Factors

33:32 Humidor in Arizona

34:14 Exploiting Weather

37:24 Best Ball Parks for Hitters and Pitchers

44:49 GPP Tournament Selection

47:33 Picking a Single Entry Lineup

50:18 GPP Tips

51:41 Mistakes People Make

52:05 Batter vs Pitcher

53:47 Injuries

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