kudlow 3-17-18 Trump on Tariffs: A negotiating tactic.

Mar 17, 2018, 05:04 PM

Trump on Tariffs: A negotiating tactic. Even Feldstein. Coalition of willing to hit China. But not blanket tariffs trade war against world.

Loss in Pa: What's it mean? Is Trump off message? Growth, jobs, wages, prosperity tax cuts, Phase 2 tax cuts. Liz Peek & Melissa Francis.

Predicting the markets: Ed Yardeni

Insiders look at SEC: Norm Champ--- preventing next crash. Sarbanes Oxcley. Dodd Frank. Volcker rule.

Stocks: another down week. Why? Inflation-rates-profits? Emerging mkts? Bouroudjian-Polcari

Money/politics: Will Kudlow be crushed? Trump in Pa? Off message?