Episode 160 - Peter Perrett (The Only Ones, England's Glory, The One)

Mar 19, 2018, 04:01 AM

Who are the greatest ever British songwriters? Well, if your list doesn’t include Peter Perrett, it's not the same as Damian’s. This week on the show, Damian gets to sit down & chat with one of the best of all time: Peter Perrett!!! Kick back as they chat all about life before during & after punk's first hit. Also, The Only Ones & Lou Reed being perfectly creepy & exactly what the world needed at the time

Also Touched On:

Meeting Malcolm McLearn At Let It Rock

The Many Meanings Of Punk

Forming England’s Glory

Music As The Only Escape For Teenagers Back Then

Being Through Punk By The Time Punk Finally Happened

Rebelling Against Rebellion

Lyrics Are Paramount

Being Put Off By The Music Industry Early

Making 25 Copies

There Isn’t Enough Room For One Lou Reed In The Music Industry.

Fooling Nick Kent Into Thinking He Was Hearing Unreleased Velvets

Getting Into The Velvet Underground

Lou Reed Wants To “Eat”

Not Liking The New York Dolls

“Hi, I’m Johnny Thunders & I Love Your Voice.”

Playing Max’s In The 80's With Johnny For The Last Time

In Walks Mike Kellie & Fires Your Other Drummer

Starting Vengeance Records

Seeing The First Sex Pistols Shows In 1975

The Heartbreakers

The Split With Sham 69