Live Show: Can women break into Boys’ Clubs?

Mar 19, 05:15 AM

Former Apprentice contestant Michaela Wain and journalist Chris Hemmings help us figure out if women can break into boys clubs – those industries where men favour each other for jobs and create an atmosphere which makes it hard for women to get ahead.

Michaela runs several businesses in the construction industry, which is also very male, and her assertive drive and ability to crack on and get things done inspired many people during her stint on The Apprentice. Chris has written about macho culture and his experiences in the Rugby Club while at university in his book ‘Be a Man’. He reports on masculinity and how it’s changing and what needs to be done to create healthier male cultures.

Host and producer: Nas aka Nastaran Tavakoli-Far

Co-host: Jonathan Freeman

Guests: Michaela Wain, entrepreneur, contestant on The Apprentice

Chris Hemmings, Journalist, author of ‘Be A Man’

Live show sponsor: The Balvenie and Piper Heidsieck

Co-producers: Sam Baker and Jonathan Blackwell

Business development: Cynara Vetch

Live show sound engineer: Richard Andrews

Live show venue: Ziferblat

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Music: Government Funded Weed by Black Ant (used under Creative Commons)