The Rider: Lost The Piano

Mar 19, 2018, 10:31 AM

There is nothing quite like eight great new songs and we very much have them this week. The music is tremendous - so good Adam wanted to play half of it himself before the songs were stolen - and the Wham is fresh from the factory and shifts along throughout. 

There is of course what everyone has been up to. Neil Atkinson went to see The Hold Steady in London and he is full of reviews. Adam Melia has watched I, Tonya and is likewise. They are joined by Stephanie Heneghan and John Gibbons. 

It's a belter. And here is the tracklisting: 

Hinds - The Club 

Sade - Flower Of The Universe 

Sea Girls - Eat Me Whole 

The Hold Steady - Esther 

Zz Top - sleeping bag 

High Tropics - You Never Made it Easy 

Sevdaliza – Human Nature 

Flyte - Moon Unit