Not In My Locker Room: DeAndre Levy of the Detroit Lions Speaks Out

Oct 15, 2016, 02:12 PM

In an attempt to excuse his own repugnant behavior, Donald Trump unwittingly started a real conversation on what he dubbed “locker room talk” about sexual violence against women. Our guest, Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy, is the rare pro athlete who is awake to this issue. Levy writes, advocates, and fundraises to fight domestic and sexual abuse. We also speak to him about the Kaepernick protests. Then, we have ’Choice Words’ about my own experience with "locker room talk" and the ‘Just Stand Up’ award goes to Mets broadcaster Ron Darling for speaking out against the “rage of the inarticulate.”The Nation column, Not in My Locker Room‘Man Up,’ DeAndre Levy essay‘Our Issue’ T-Shirts, benefiting the Michigan Women’s Foundation and ‘Detroit Hustles Harder’ Hustles Harder purchase 'Our Issue' merchadise, visit Detroit Hustles Harder: SAID (Enough Sexual Assault in Detroit) http://enoughsaiddetroit.orgEdge of Sports was featured on Episode 1 of ’The Big Listen’ from WAMU-FM/NPR. Thank you, Lauren Ober.— | | | email us:—Please take our survey:—music: “Ike’s Mood” by Isaac Hayes | “Take It Easy” by Mad Lion (produced by KRS-One) | “Midnight in a Perfect World,” “Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt,” “Nobody Speak” by DJ Shadow