#NerdlandForever and Hall Of Famers Willie Lanier & Ken Houston

Mar 04, 2016, 04:32 PM

We have a show this week that fills me with pride and anger. The pride comes from the fact that we interview two NFL Hall of Fame players who grew up in the Jim Crow south, went to Historically Black Colleges, and played in the 1960s: Willie Lanier and Ken Houston. We hear their stories and it is – to put it mildly - powerful stuff. The anger comes with our opening topic: my thoughts on the cancelling of MSNBC’s The Melissa Harris Perry Show, a place where I was regularly accorded a platform to discuss the politics of sports. After giving my own thoughts, I speak to original Melissa Harris Perry Show producer - and current MTV News journalist - Jamil Smith about the abrupt cancellation of the show. I also give the Just Stand Up Award to a college football team trying to end sexual assault.#NerdlandForever—This episode of Edge of Sports is brought to you by FreshBooks. For the best way to make tax season easy, especially for freelancers like me, get FreshBooks, a cloud accounting software designed exclusively for small business owners and freelancers. Go to http://FreshBooks.com/Edge and enter Edge in the “How You Heard About Us” section for a 30-day free trial.—“Melissa Harris-Perry’s Email to Her #nerdland Staff”https://medium.com/@JamilSmith/melissa-harris-perry-s-email-to-her-nerdland-staff-11292bdc27cb#.nbmyqf9tjcolumn: “Thank You, Melissa Harris-Perry” http://www.thenation.com/article/thank-you-melissa-harris-perry-tears-for-nerdland/Special thanks: Willie Lanier, Ken Houston, George Atallah, Carl Francis, Jamil Smith (http://twitter.com/JamilSmith)—http://twitter.com/edgeofsports | http://edgeofsportspodcast.com | http://fb.com/edgeofsportspod | edgeofsports@slate.comMusic by The Funky Meters http://funkymeters.com and a.bee https://soundcloud.com/abe-e