Next Week: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Jan 06, 2016, 06:12 PM

This week, Edge of Sports is traveling to LA to interview Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Instead of taking the week off, Dave Zirin is dropping into your podcast feed to call for questions and give listeners a window into his thought process going into this once-in-a-lifetime interview. Dave also reads his current column from The Nation about Lebron James and the competing opinions about his lack of comment after Tamir Rice’s police killers scandalously avoided indictment. Finally, the ‘Just Stand Up’ award goes to Baltimore-based activist Tariq Touré who started this conversation by thinking up the hashtag #NoJusticeNoLeBron.--Column: “The Tactical Intelligence of #NoJusticeNoLeBron” Dave at, tweet, and find all the previous episodes at including last week’s look back at our best interviews of 2015.Music: ‘Cadillac’ by Kayloo & Silo [ | ]‘Neon Nightriders’ by Jasper Staal [ ]